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Title: Open any Path Finder or Finder item in Sublime Text using Keyboard Maestro

I’m a big user of Sublime Text 3, as well as Path Finder. But in moving between a variety of IDEs and app development tools all day, I found it hard to find a simple, universal way to always open my selected Finder item in Sublime Text.

This was because I had Path Finder set as my default file browser. I had tried some Automator OS X Services, and these worked great in Finder or Path Finder so long as I did a right-click and opened up the OS X services menu. But I wanted something that worked well as a keyboard shortcut, preferably set through Keyboard Maestro, but had a good deal of difficulty writing up a macro that worked no matter what.

Click here to download “Open in Sublime” for use in Finder or Path Finder, using Keyboard Maestro.

This is my best attempt so far, so I wanted to share it to anyone who needed it. Just download and open in Keyboard Maesto and it should be good after you change the hot key trigger to your preferred trigger. Mine is currently set as Hyper + S, and my implementation mimic’s Brett Terpstra’s lovely guide.

If you find an error here, or know a way to make it better, let me know and I’ll be happy to credit you and update it. Email any fixes to mailto:c@befogs.com.