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Befogs is intended to be Cameron Banga's home for writing about his experiences learning about cryptography, computer security, online privacy, and new developments such as crypto-currencies.

I can be emailed at c@befogs.com. I am on Keybase.io as Cameron. I also have a Bitcoin wallet at 1CBgaw9DpzXXgjhLU2nX5UXHHMVEssyF4X, if you happen to be looking to share a large number of Bitcoin with someone.

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  • Mobile information security talk notes.

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  • Open any Path Finder or Finder item in Sublime Text using Keyboard Maestro.
  • Create a markdown file with all your Bitbucket issues.

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    As a note, I am very much a novice and this is a personal journal on what I have learned on these subjects. Please, do not take my word to be authority on any topic, and if there is something here that you find to be inaccurate, or that you think I could explain better, please let me know. The best way to contact me is via email, at c@befogs.com. I also appreciate emails about misspellings, poor grammar, or general inaccuracies.

    With respect to disclosures, I am currently a co-founder and partner at 9magnets, LLC, a small independent mobile application development studio. I build applications for a variety of clients, in a wide assortment of industries. When people ask what I do, I usually tell them that I'm a designer. The title sounds intriguing, yet boring enough that people typically stop asking questions at that point. I am also the author of two books on mobile interface and interaction design. These titles can be found where fine literature is sold.

    Financially, I'm an independent developer and author, so I think that it goes without saying that I do not have much financial skin in any sort of significant game. I hold an extremely small stock portfolio, primarily of APPL and a diversified ETF managed by Acorns. I believe that my holdings are of such a negligible amount of money that my writing could not be biased by the ownership of these stocks, but I realize that is likely to be the statement of a biased person.

    It's also significant to note that essentially all of my income comes either from mobile application development or writing books on mobile application development, primarily on Apple's iOS platform, followed by Android. Because of this, my writing is probably skewed in a manner than favors these platforms and industry.